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Devotional Thoughts

Greetings, Easter People!

Greetings Easter People! We’ve made the journey through the desert and darkness of Lent, and now we are basking in the light of Easter! A mentor once told me, “As Christians, when things go into the tomb, it is normal for us to expect God to bring something new out of that same tomb.” This…

God’s Resurrection Power

April will begin in sorrow and end in celebration. Easter falls mid month this year. This means we will begin the month mid-way through our Lent journey to the cross of Jesus. Even as we will celebrate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, we know the cross is coming. Yet, as April 30 arrives, we will…


Christmas, a time of joy, wonder, love, and happiness, is drawing near. But, to be honest this year I just did not seem to have the Christmas spirit. I think the reason I was having difficulty is because I was feeling old this year. To be honest, I have been old for a couple of years. Maybe other people…


A church member once told me they volunteer at the library, restocking books according to the Dewey decimal system. In addition to supporting our local library, it helps to keep their brain sharp. As we move through life we are constantly faced with new challenges. Whether entering school or the workforce, starting a family or enjoying grandkids, life always seems…

The Journey of Faith

I am always on the lookout for clever, creative, and simple ways to talk about God’s work in Jesus. The Christian faith is amazingly complex, to say nothing of trying to understand God. It is tempting to get lost in the mysteries of the universe, and yet, still struggle to find ways to live our…

Let Your Light Shine

My hobby is photography. One morning last week, just before sunrise, I went to the lake near our house to get some photographs of birds in the early light. When I had finished shooting and was walking away I saw this green Luna Moth on a street light. The street light is white, the light cover on which the…

God Brings Victory over Spiritual Struggles

I am writing to share with you a troubling situation that I brought on myself so you, my friends, are warned not to make the mistake of traveling the same path.

I have a small green book with a golden cross on it. The book contains Bible verses for each day of the week as well as reflections and prayers to be read throughout the week. For three years it had been part of my discipline to start each week on Sunday evening by reading the Bible verses, some reflections, and praying. It was like a second Sunday service for me. Then each evening during the week I would read the Bible verse for that day and pray. I also have a small black book I carry in my pocket. I would use it throughout the day to read reflections and prayers at least three times a day and some days as many as five. I use the Upper Room devotional to start each day with a Bible reading, devotion and prayer. I say this not to brag but to give you an idea of the spiritual discipline I had built up over the years.

One Sunday night nearly two months ago I moved the ribbon bookmark in the small green book with the golden cross to that evening’s reading. I stared at the book. For no particular reason, I thought “I don’t feel like reading that tonight” and laid the book back down.

My Testimony

The fact that I am alive today is a miracle. This is not a story about me. It is a story about God.

I have been a Christian all of my life. However, I struggled with addiction to alcohol and drugs and major clinical depression for thirty-eight years beginning at the age of fifteen.

As a consequence I lost my family, friends, marriage, career and health. I was suffering from end-stage liver disease and was told by doctors that I had less than a year to live unless I received a liver transplant. It was just me and God now.

Faced with what I thought was an impossible situation; I turned everything over to Him, asking only for His mercy and grace. And, Mercy and Grace is what I received. I can only say that what happened was nothing short of miraculous, the details of which only God could have arranged. This year I will celebrate the 10th anniversary of receiving my liver transplant and the eleventh year of sobriety.

I Have a Dream

I have a dream, many dreams actually; but dreams that tie into one broad aspect and it is the hope that the world would realize that the value of human life is immeasurable, irreplaceable, and a gift from God.

In this world now we see it as replaceable…everyone is replaceable and we are only here for a short amount of time, right? We should make it count which is why I have a dream for America; a hope for the world and a desire for every heart to look beyond their own lives and to put others before themselves.