Being a visible and active presence of Christ in our community

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Nursery Worker

Nursery Worker
Tomoka United Methodist Church, Ormond Beach, FL
Reports to: Pastor

Hourly rate will be calculated by experience and qualifications and will be comparable with similar positions. Standard times for nursery care are Sunday mornings. Others times as needed for church activities. Will need to undergo a background check(s).

Mission and History of the Church
Tomoka United Methodist Church began in 1978 as a church plant, meeting at Tomoka Elementary School. The local newspaper article said it all, “Tomoka United Methodist Church announced its intention to become a vital part of the community.” The mission continues today, as we seek to be an active and visible presence of Christ in our community and world. It’s a huge goal, but we follow a God who does huge things through ordinary people. We welcoming both retirees making Ormond Beach their home, and families living locally as we believe uniting a spectrum of ages in community, worship, discipleship, and service reflects God’s heart for the Church.

Position Overview
The purpose of the nursery ministry is to provide a safe, nurturing Christian environment for young children and infants. Nursery workers have oversight of children placed in care between the ages of birth to 6 years old. Workers are responsible for caring for needs of those in their care including: changing diapers, child sign in/out procedures, set up and clean up of nursery space(s), and playing with and engaging children.

Expectations of a Nursery Worker

  • Demonstrate a sense of serenity, calm assurance and love.
  • Exhibit maturity, confidence, gentleness, warmth.
  • Display a respectful manner.
  • Model appropriate behavior for the children.
  • Be attentive to children’s physical needs.
  • Have an understanding of development characteristic and temperaments of the children. Value each interaction involved in the care of the children.
  • Seek to be involved with children and not with the other caregivers.
  • Show responsibility by obtaining pertinent information from the parents about children’s needs and habits.
  • Delight in playing with children.
  • Be secure about personal abilities in caring for children.
  • Divert children’s attention when unhappy or discomforted.
  • Provide an atmosphere of trust for both parents and children.
  • Respect parents’ concerns, needs, and wishes.

To apply
Send your resume to