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Greetings, Easter People!

Greetings Easter People!

We’ve made the journey through the desert and darkness of Lent, and now we are basking in the light of Easter!

A mentor once told me, “As Christians, when things go into the tomb, it is normal for us to expect God to bring something new out of that same tomb.” This statement is the core of our faith. The tomb of Jesus was not the end. The tomb at the end of our life is not the end. We believe that being saved means life abundant now (John 10:10), and life eternal. On Easter Sunday, we sang and heard excellent music which reminded us of God’s salvation. But, how do we live as Easter people today, in-between Sunday?

No person can be written off as hopeless. No situation can be finalized as broken. No sin can keep us down forever. No death can be final. In all things God is doing something new. Have you given up on anyone, or anything in your life? Well…that might just be the place God is about to roll the stone aside! Let me know next time we see each other, what new things God is bringing to life for you, now.

Journeying with You,

Pastor Brian


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