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Happy Easter

We are now in the spring season. It is very amazing that it is already April 1st, and today, we are beginning the Easter season. The 2018 year is passing by so quickly. Maybe some of us are already preparing our arrangements for Mother’s Day and graduations, like me. I have two nieces that are getting ready to graduate this year. Making plans for celebrations like this or for mothers are really good things to do. We need to spend quality time with our extended family. But I want to remind you that in everything we are planning, let’s not forget that everything we have is because of God. In his exuberant act of love for the humanity, He gave his Son as a payment to redeem us, and that suffering brought us eternal life through Jesus’ glorification.

Let’s continue our celebration by affirming our faith in Jesus and His Good News. Let us be courageously humble to show that God’s love and forgiveness are worthy to be lived out, because Jesus is not dead, He has risen, just as he said. Let us allow the Holy Spirit to write this truth in our hearts, so that we may show to our community, that our Church is committed to build God’s kingdom in our neighborhood.

Finally, I want to take this time to thank you for being a great church, and in the name of our staff, and my family, we all want to wish your Happy Easter.

Blessings to all you dear brothers and sisters.