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Invitation to Church

A few years ago, I asked my Mom how our family came to be Methodist. I was interested in how far back that history went. Come to find out the history was a lot shorter than I expected. It seems her side of the family did not attend church either.

Religion came into my Mom’s life about 78 years ago in Joplin, Missouri. When my Mom was about 8 years old, a little girl she went to school with invited her to go to Sunday School at a Methodist Church. Mom told me “I went with her and I really liked the Methodist people and the church. I have been a Methodist ever since.” Mom taught Sunday School for several years and was always involved in our little Methodist Church. Mom brought religion into the family.

When my grandsons were baptized on June 2, 2013, I thought about that little girl who invited my Mom to church about 78 years ago. And, what an effect that little girl had on so many people in such a good way; especially my Dad, my brother, and myself. I don’t know the name of that little girl or if she is alive or not today, but on the night of June 2, 2013, I put her in my prayers and thanked God for the little girl who reached out to another little girl with a simple invitation.

I wanted to share this because it is a true story of the impact we can have on not just a life but on generations of lives when we simply asked someone to church. I am so very thankful to that little girl whose name I will never know.

Now the chain was broken for a while when I did not attend church for several years. And, I thank God that Judy Garrett extended the invitation to our family to attend church a few years ago.

I pray my simple words will encourage you to invite someone to our church. The impact can be much greater than you can imagine.


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