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Invitation to the Prayer Group

I ask you, is there anything that Christians can do on their own other than prayer that brings them closer to

Is there any singular act of their own that pulls the powerful arms of a comforting God to embrace us in time
of trouble or sickness? When we are hurt and someone asks us “what can I do for you?” don’t we respond by
asking for their prayers? What power do we individuals have to change impossible situations? What
wisdom do we have to guide someone’s life back from the brink of hell? What words of comfort can we offer
the sick and hurting we have never met? The answer I believe is one thing and one thing only we can do and
that is to call on our loving, merciful Father. God the most powerful, the almighty, listens to our prayers. The
Tomoka UMC Prayer Group prays each week for the needs of the people.

Each Tuesday morning at 9:30 we begin to silently pray over every prayer request card that has been submitted for the past 30 days and those prayer requests where people have ask us to pray for beyond the 30 days. Since we pray in silence except for the Lord’s Prayer at our closing I can’t tell you what words are sent to God on
behalf of those we pray for. But, I do know this:

  • the sick are comforted and sometimes healed as God wills
  • lives are many times changed
  • those in harm’s way are kept safe
  • people are grateful for prayers
  • that when I have submitted a prayer request card I feel at ease

And most of all I know that when I pray in silence, stumbling and searching for words, that God knows exactly the need and acts as is God’s will.

The Prayer Group is ready to welcome you on any Tuesday morning. No long term commitment is required, just join us as often and whenever you can. On those days you can join us I believe you will find the experience
rewarding. We are given assurance by Jesus in Mark 11:20-25 that our prayers are powerful, and in James 5:16 that “The prayer of the righteous person is powerful in what it can achieve”. Have no fear in praying because your prayers are heard by God and the response will be as God wills. I truly believe that on those days you come and pray with us you will feel on your heart that which I cannot describe.

Peace and love as you consider this invitation to pray with us!


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