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Let Your Light Shine

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My hobby is photography. One morning last week, just before sunrise, I went to the lake near our house to get some photographs of birds in the early light. When I had finished shooting and was walking away I saw this green Luna Moth on a street light. The street light is white, the light cover on which the moth is hanging is clear glass with white trim, and the lamp post to the right of the moth is grey fiberglass. However, when the light shone on the moth everything around it took on a remarkable green cast from the illuminance of the moth.

Now the photo itself is not a pretty, in fact it is not even technically very good. But, it did make me think that God had placed in this little Luna Moth that only lives as a moth for about a week something that takes the light from the world and brilliantly reflects it as something beautiful beyond the beauty of the moth itself. The light that falls on this moth not only gives a noticeable beauty to the moth but it enhances the beauty of everything around the moth so that the moth impacts the world around it more than the moth by itself can impact the world by itself. It is the combination of the light and the moth that have the impact.

The Luna Moth has been equipped by God have a beautiful, positive effect on everything within its reach. And, I certainly believe that God has done the same for us. We just have to be more conscious about letting our light shine than the moth does.

At the end of each shoot, good photos or bad, I say thanks to God and to each piece of His creation I have encountered. At the end of that day’s shoot it was a short prayer, “God, thanks for showing me the moth as areminder. Amen.”

“Let your light shine” Matthew 5:16


  1. What a wonderful concept. Marvin, thank for you illuminating our lives with the LIght of the World, Jesus Christ: hopefully we reflect your Light to others.

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