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Looking to the Future

We approved a new church structure for Tomoka at our annual Church Conference last October. This new structure makes better use of people’s time, coordinates committee work, and creates a team whose purpose is to undertake detailed planning of the church’s future. Your Church Council met early in January and identified two major goals for the first six months of this year. In the new structure, those goals are taken up by the Strategic Leadership Team (SLT) to figure out how to reach the goals. The two major goals this year are:

  • Improve Tomoka’s short and long-term financial conditions
  • Enhance worship services, including the Family Worship Service, to broaden appeal to more people

I believe that focusing time and energy on these two goals now will pay dividends in years to come. The SLT will continue to work on the detail of how we accomplish these goals and present them to the Church Council in April.

We, the church of the present are here because of faithful followers of Jesus who invested in us, possibly even sacrificing something in their own life. Who are the people who introduced you to Jesus, discipled, and nurtured you? Who are we introducing to Jesus, discipling, and nurturing personally? The work your Church Council is doing now, is planning for the present, looking to the future, and standing on the firm foundation of our past.

Here’s the 2017 Leaders and Church Structure document:



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