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My Choir Rehearsal Experience

Our Choir performed for the congregation at our lunch celebration for the 4th of July. A part of their performance required someone act as a narrator. They needed someone to read about three sentences. It was a small thing. But, what occurred leading up to the performance is something that should not be forgotten and that is what I want to share with you.

Most every Sunday I go back to say a prayer with our choir. Why? For the same reason that I say a prayer with Pastor Brooks – to give thanks to God for their service, to let them know they are loved, appreciated, and a necessary part of our worship of God. We actually pray for all who serve at each worship service. I recognize our choir as a group that I know as individuals and as servants of the church. So, when Joe Corporan asked me to be a narrator I had no problem saying yes.

Preparing for this performance was the only time that I had attended a Thursday night choir practice. They rehearsed the portion that I was to be a part of right off the bat. Instead of leaving when we had finished rehearsing the special performance, I stayed while our Choir rehearsed the songs for Sunday service. My friends, I saw these good people interact in the most impressive way. It was a group concentrated without ego perfecting their individual performance and encouraging each other so as to be at their best in serving God and everyone who would be at Sunday service. That is powerful. It was for me seeing Christ’s love lived out.

Friends, I know that if I were to sit with a liturgist, greeter, usher, communion assistant, or one of the sound board/computer operators as they prepared I would see the same. They are all people preparing to be the best they can in serving God and neighbor in the worship of our God.

Do yourself one big favor and experience it for yourself. Attend a choir practice and see for yourself. Talk to those serving and get their view. Step forward to serve as best you can. This is our church. This is our choir. The Pastor leads us in our worship. Be a part of it fully.


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