Being a visible and active presence of Christ in our community

Priorities for 2016

I love the beginning of the year. It is a season fresh with possibilities. As a church, I am excited about 2016. As I have listened and talked with folks in our church and here are my priorities for the year, based on our vision statement.

Becoming an intergenerational congregation of faith!

We are already creating space for multiple generations to engage and lead. 2016 will be a time for us dig deep and find new ways to open up our worship, discipleship, service, and fellowship to people of all ages. We can’t define what that looks like right now, and that is OK. This is uncharted territory, but essential. I continue to believe that worship, and really all of church and life, should be an exercise in finding ways for wheelchairs and strollers to sit side-by-side and enhances each others experience.

Growing in our discipleship significantly!

We launched a Discipleship Committee at the end of 2015 to plan, coordinate, and resource ministry for children, youth, and adults. This group will have a specific focuses in 2016 on creating a Discipleship Pathway that includes current offerings, but expands to new needed offerings. Tomoka is such a welcoming and friendly church, it becomes home for us. There are lots of people looking for a faith home, and the addition a specific path to connect in the church will help more people feel welcome. This team is being chaired by Joan Monte.

Exploring Alternate Governance Structures

This is a fancy way of saying we will look to see if there is a more efficient way to do the necessary business of the church. We have so many dedicated leaders serving in multiple capacities. We actually have more committed leaders than other churches our size. The result will be that more people are willing to lead, the pressure and load is lessened on long time leaders, and we get more done with less meetings.

Tomoka is already doing so many things well. What we are called to do is to strengthen key areas to lean into “being the active and visible presence of Christ in our community and world.”

Pastor Brian


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