Being a visible and active presence of Christ in our community


A church member once told me they volunteer at the library, restocking books according to the Dewey decimal system. In addition to supporting our local library, it helps to keep their brain sharp. As we move through life we are constantly faced with new challenges. Whether entering school or the workforce, starting a family or enjoying grandkids, life always seems to have some new skill for us to master. Paul D’Arcy says, “God comes to you disguised as your life.”

The Church through the ages has always struggled to try new things. Most often, the Church likes the comfort of routine. Routine is good, and a valuable part of our spiritual lives. A good habit is formed when we sit in the same chair, at a usual time to read the Bible. Keeping a prayer notebook of those who have asked or need prayer in our lives keeps us tuned in to others. Serving a meal for those who are homeless each month builds compassion. Walking the road of routine wears a clear path that leads us closer to God.

Routine will help us when some new challenge wanders onto your path. Our church is trying some new things, while maintaining the routine things. This will keep us sharp in God’s mission. What new things are challenging you? Invest into the routine of spiritual practices so you can meet the new head on, and find God’s grace with you in the challenge. This month’s newsletter has many opportunities for new spiritual practice through worship, discipleship, service, or fellowship.


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