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A Reflection on the Trinity

Scripture: Genesis 1:25-31 CEB  

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity. In our passage, we heard the words: “Let us make humanity in our own image.” The plural form “us” and “our own” may refer to the three Persons of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Christians believe that all three were present in creating the world, and today we celebrate the Holy Trinity, the Godhead, the Three in One. 

This celebration stands on a Mystery: God is One Being who is manifested in three different persons. Throughout the years, artists have tried to give us glimpses into this reality. Some created icons meant for contemplation and to help stir our imagination. I want to present to you may be the most famous icon of the Holy Trinity. It’s going to be projected on the screen. 

The Russian painter Andrei Rublev created it in the 15th century. If you look closely, you can see three angels. They are of the same size and have similar faces, but they take distinct positions and wear different clothing. The three are seated around a table as they celebrate a holy meal. The painter depicts the three Holy Persons Who are distinct and yet unified. The attributes of unity and diversity are foundational to the Person of God and are to be reflected in the men and women that He has created. 

“Let us make humanity in our image to resemble us so that they may take charge…” 

God doesn’t say, “Let me create.” He says, “Let Us create,” establishing an intimate relationship between God, with one another, and of the whole creation. Humanity is diverse, it is created in the image of the Trinity, in the same way, we are also meant to live harmoniously with God and even with one another. The big question we must ask ourselves during this challenging time is this: how are my fellow Christians and I promoting in this nation both diversity and unity? Do we understand that is God’s intention? We all accept that that’s not our reality. We need to return to God’s original intention. We must need to begin by accepting and appreciating that everyone’s equality and dignity is of divine origin.

We are called to welcome people who are different from us, whether inside or outside of our homes. The reason is Biblical. The Scripture also says, that after creating the man and woman and commanded them to be fruitful, God “saw everything He had made: it was supremely good” (Gen 1:31). 

This means that we can view all people as humans who have been created in the image of God supremely good, and therefore very worthy of being treated with love and respect. No one is better than the other. We must appreciate the many beautiful colors and talents given by God and choose to collaborate, not to be in competition. 

Such diversity is meant to work together, and it complements and enhances our service for the common good. If we do not accept the divine worth and value that every human being has, we are not living according to God’s purposes, and everything that is not coming from God or goes against His purposes is a sin. This is the reason why the virus of racism is a sin. 

Everyone who makes us think that we are superior to the others, every thought that leads us to isolate or excludes people of color, every word that makes us believe that we are better than the other person, is a sin. We need to repent of how often we have been silent when we witness prejudice, racism, or exclusion. God has called us to do, to respect and love one another. Where are we now standing on this virus that is hurting us and the heart of the nation? 

We are called to change this culture and system that promote violence to those our brothers and sister who look or think different than us. In the end,

we all belong to the one and only Human race. Forgiveness is at hand, and God’s grace leads us to move on into the right direction. We can to do it together.

Let’s humble ourselves and mend our mistakes. Let’s be courageous, accept responsibility, and act. We need to look to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who reflect perfect unity and diversity. This is the reason that all people of color matter. We want to lead a balanced life, seeking unity and also appreciating and accepting diversity. 

 It is as if we were holding a scale in our hands. On one side of the scale, we have diversity. This side holds the knowledge and acceptance of our worth as humans. Because God created us, every person is made in His image and likeness. The other side balances this weight by reminding us to pursue harmonious relationships with everyone. 

We must include and collaborate and seek the common good. This balance best reflects the nature of the Triune God, who made us. I think that we can find this balance together. 

In the midst of all of these protests we are experiencing, I am seeing a new dawn on the horizon. I am seeing many people of all colors 

joining and asking for change. Showing respect, love, and collaboration 

will lead us closer to God, to live according to His original intention, and to reflect His very nature.  

When we live this way, loving, sharing, collaborating with one another, 

we receive a glimpse of heaven, as described in Revelations 7:9, where people from every tribe, nation, and language gather around the throne of God to worship Him. It is as if we are preparing now for a big party, 

a big wedding, like in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,”

which ends in a big family dance. Everyone is living, collaborating, and dancing. This is the way the Christian life should be, all humanity dancing with the Triune God. This is what will happen when we are in a harmonious relationship with God and with one another. We won’t be able to stop our feet from dancing as we live out the commandment in Matthew 22:36-40 to love God and love our neighbor.

Let’s join the feast Dancing with the Triune God.