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Come! Rejoice in our God

Come! Rejoice in our God. Let us give thanks, whatever life brings.
May those who sow in tears reap with shouts of joy.
Let us prepare our hearts and our world for the prince of Peace, who is coming.
May all who weep come home with shouts of joy.
Prepare the way of the Lord and make straight the path for God’s arrival.
In prayer, song, and service, let us prepare for the birth of love.
I believe that Christmas is more than toys, gifts, and sparkling trees. It is the
celebration of the birthday of God’s very special Son. And I believe that my response
to him is a joyous renewal of my life. I believe that this “Child of Hope” grew to maturity
and followed God’s will perfectly.
My response to him is as simple as listening to God, and as hard as doing what he wants me to do. I believe that the “Prince of Peace” has a dream for us—one we have not fully lived as his people. My response to him is nothing short of giving that peace to another person. I believe God sent love to us—
not the soft, plastic variety—but a love of courage and strength. My response is a
renewal of my energy to serve him.
I believe God gave us joy—the gift of smiles and laughter. He did not intend for me to frown his love, but to share it through smiles. I believe that as I stand in this season of joy, my life is a changed celebration of his
Kingdom of Peace. Amen.
God of the prophets, we give thanks for the voices that cry out and demand our
They call us to put our trust and hope in you.
Forgive us when we close our eyes to your vision, and when we stop our ears to
Heal our weakness when we give up on ourselves, on one another, and on you.
Free us from hopeless living, that we may joyfully love and serve others in your
holy name.