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Updated Covid-19 Guidelines

Dear Church Members;

We ask for your patience as we move through the upcoming weeks as we use an abundance of caution so that we might preserve the health of all who attend. Worship on our campus will not be the same as you experienced earlier this year. All of these guidelines are subject to change, and we will do our best to communicate all the changes to you. 

Social Distancing

We recommend that all persons who attend the worship remain at-least six feet apart from one another. We ask that there be no physical touching, hand shaking, hugging, as well as no gathering in the lobby.

Face Coverings

Face Masks/Coverings are required by all individuals.

Tomoka United Methodist Church will follow the standards set by the state of Florida and the CDC in determining a functioning capacity. Once the capacity is reached, we will not allow any others persons to enter.


Restrooms will be limited to the capacity of each. The restrooms will be continuously cleaned and sanitized during the Sunday morning Worship Service. The water fountains will remain closed. Bottle water will be provided if necessary; however, we encourage that you bring your own. Access to rooms, buildings, and worship will be limited to specific doors and times, others will remain closed. Times will be subject to change to allow for the cleaning and sanitizing of rooms between gatherings. We have added extra precautions and expectations to the cleaning and sanitizing of the facility.


We will be assisting you in seating, this will help us maintain social distancing. You can sit with family, friends, or whoever you chose to sit with; however, you must be together when seated. We would appreciate that once seated, you do not get up unless absolutely necessary.


As soon as you enter the sanctuary, we are going to have a table with bread and the offering plate. Before you go to be seated, please be prepared to drop your offering envelop in the plate. You might also decide to donate online. Single Portion to-go Holy Communion Elements will be provided on your way out of the Sanctuary at the end of the service. You may bring your own Communion Elements if you wish. No food or drink will be provided by the church or shared between individuals. You may bring your own cup of coffee or water, but there will not be any sharing of food or drink. At this time you will not be allowed to come forward to the prayer rail.


We ask that you remain seated until you’re directed to leave. We ask that you do not congregate at the entry/exit ways. Upon leaving the Sanctuary, you may communicate with other worshipers outside, keeping a safe distance, wearing masks, and gathering away from normal walkways as to not block congregants who are passing by.


The office is normally open to the four staff members, a minimum number of volunteers will be allowed to help Myrna per her request. All persons in the office or on campus will follow the guidelines established by Tomoka United Methodist Church Re-Launch Committee including wearing face masks.

Growth Groups, Small Groups, and Sunday School.

These groups will be allowed to gather on the church campus. Requests for resuming group activities should be sent to our Administrative Assistant, Myrna Maldonado. The request should include the number of anticipated participants, Time, and the date of the gathering. We will be assigning larger rooms to each group if needed to allow for better social distancing. Groups must follow the guidelines established by the TUMC Task Force.

High-Risk Groups

While no one will be turned away, until we have community information about contagion rates during the re-opening period of the broader Ormond and Daytona Beach area, we are encouraging older members and those who have underlying health conditions to remain at home and Participate VIA our many online Options:

Every person coming to Tomoka United Methodist Church’s campus-whether a staff member, attendee, vendor, or visitor is expecting to adhere to the health and safety guidelines established by TUMC.